Barry Epling

Businessman & Entrepreneur

Barry Epling began his career in 1990 with the acquisition of a single telco switch formerly owned by Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc. He transformed that purchase into a full fledged telecommunications company called US Tel, Inc., which became a NASDAQ listed company.

As Chief Operating Officer of US Tel, Inc., he was instrumental in producing revenue growth from $5, 000 per month in 1992 to over $44 million per year by 1997.

In 1997, Mr. Epling began wholesale operations for a telecom carrier company specializing in secondary and tertiary markets within the emerging markets. Through his personal efforts, Mr. Epling developed long distance telecommunications services to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Egypt, Oman, Dubai, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Then in 2001, Barry started in the nutraceutical business.  Along his travels across emerging markets, Barry was exposed to many different types of herbs and remedies that aren’t widely known.  From here he spent years conducting trials with the herbs to find remedies.  For about a decade Barry focused on finding the best nutraceuticals until 2011 when he launched PrimiCell.  PrimiCell is a nutraceutical that can increase circulating
primitive cells with the hope that it could improve overall wellness and facilitate hematopoietic stem cell treatments.  Barry Epling is the inventor and founder of PrimiCell, and even private labels the product for doctors.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in Northern CA
  • Lives in Las Vegas, NV
  • World Traveler
  • Served in Military Intelligence

education & Military background

  • Graduated High School in Winters, CA
  • 1 year supporting 25th infintry division in vietnam
  • 1 year advisor to the 5th ARVN division

Professional Experience

  • CEO of US Tel, Inc.
  • Founder at Calvin Processing
  • Inventor and Founder of PrimiCell

Connect with Barry Epling

Barry is always available for any business opportunities or networking with other industry experts.  If you would like to reach Barry, just go to the contact page and fill out the form.  Also, if you have an interest in learning more about stem cell therapy, you can contact Barry and he will be sure to get back to you to answer any questions that you may have.


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