How Do You Pick a Stem Cell Therapy Specialist and Facility?

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People who suffer from back ache, knee ache, or pain in their joints, often consider stem cell therapy as a better alternate to surgeries. This is true that if stem cell therapy is effective, it can provide you with many benefits that you will never be able to enjoy with regular surgeries. However, this must also be kept in mind that stem cell therapies are yet not proven and approved by FDA, and there are many risks attached to these therapies and medicines. Barry Epling is an expert and has researched a lot about stem cell therapies. He emphasizes on the importance of picking the right specialist when you are planning to go through the therapy. It is not only important to know the qualities and traits of the specialist, but you must also be sure about the facility in which you will get admitted. Both the specialist and facility should have good reputation and they must have proper equipment to perform the therapy. In this article, we will guide you about the most important things that you should consider while picking the right professional and place for your stem cell therapy.

Why is it important?

Stem cell therapies are yet not proven effective in many situations, and if you are going to take a risk, you must take it with the professionals and not with someone who is new to the field. The person who performs the therapy on you must be highly qualifiedand should know the science behind therapy. He should have an extensive experience and research in this field and should be able to answer all your questions.

Things to consider

When you are picking a specialist and facility for stem cell therapy, you should consider following things.

  • The facility must be operated by a licensed physician. He must be qualified and should have relevant experience in research and performing therapies. Without checking the expertise and experience, it is not at all advisable to go with the procedure.
  • The facility should have trained staff in addition to the doctor who will be in charge – It is not sufficient to only check the qualifications and experience of the person who will perform the therapy. In fact, you should know about all the staff who will be with you during the therapy.
  • When you are selecting the doctor and facility, you are required to ensure that they must be specialized in dealing with orthopedic issues. Only a person who understands orthopedics can ensure to provide you with best stem cell therapy.
  • They must be expert in getting autologous cells – This is the most important thing. If the facility is going to take the cells from outside, you should double check whether this is the only option or not. You should prefer getting autologous cells to reduce the chances of complications.
  • You should check the reputation of the facility and specialist before proceeding with the therapy. The best way of checking reputation is through online reviews and feedbacks.

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