Tips on How to Prepare for Stem Cell Transplant

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Now that you have you stem cell treatment arranged, it is time to get ready for the same. This means starting to get ready in various ways as advised by the team that will be taking care of you after the procedure. Aside from carrying personal things and watching your hygiene, there are few other ways through which you can prepare for an upcoming stem cell transplant treatment as Barry Epling advises. Your preparation will be crucial for your recuperation and the success of the process which is why you must prepare yourself in the following ways when expecting an upcoming stem cell treatment procedure.

Test before a stem cell transplant

There are several tests you must undertake but they depend on the type of transplant you are having. These tests include blood tests for general wellbeing, viruses, donor needs and chest X-ray to assess your lungs and heart. Some doctors also administer breathing tests to check your lung’s functioning and kidney assessments. All these tests are necessary to ready you for the transplant and the recovery window afterwards should any issues surface.

Do in depth research

You need to be well versed with the procedure you are signing up for. Stem cell treatment has not received the massive approval as you would expect from every country. There are still concerns on whether it works in all cases or a few selected ones and the possible repercussions for such. In all cases, your research and consultations with professionals will help you get a clear perspective of what you are stepping into. Once you are in the light about the therapeutic abilities of stem cell transplant and risks that they come with, you can make better decisions on how to go about the procedure.

Quit smoking

During the interview between you and your transplant doctor, you will be advised to stop smoking if you are a smoker in order to have a successful stem cell treatment procedure. There are higher chances of developing complications with your transplant if you are a smoker alongside other side effects that you are not ready for. This will also be a necessary law to abide by during the recovery window as smoking can easily prevent the process from being a success. Since smoking is an addictive habit, consider seeking rehabilitation services to help you get ready for your upcoming stem cell transplant procedure.

Dental care

After going through with your stem cell treatment, you do not want to develop any problems in your mouth which is often the case when the patient has poor dental care routine before the procedure. You will be advised to visit a dentist for checkups. Any necessary dental work and procedures will be handled diligently before you commence you stem cell treatment. It has been established as a necessary precaution for patients to take as they prepare for undertaking stem cell treatment.

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