Questions To Ask Before You Get Stem Cell Therapy

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If you are considering getting stem cell treatment, you must learn the questions that you should ask from your physician in order to reach the best choice of therapy. People who do not understand the procedure or the risks attached to it, regret that they should have understood the treatment in detail to pick the right therapy. This is true that before your treatment starts, you will be provided with information sheet and consent forms in which you will get a good idea of what is going to happen, but you must not hesitate to ask further questions if you have any confusions. If the medical team that is going to provide you with therapy has no answers, it is better to consider other options! Normally, a good team of professionals will provide you with detailed answers and explanations so that you provide consent after knowing all the risks and expected outcomes of the procedure.

Questions to ask:

In this regard, we have divided the important questions in four different categories. You must consider these categories and should discuss the confusions with your physician and should take a second opinion before making any final decision. These categories are:

  • Treatment related questions
  • Side effects and possible emergencies related questions
  • Scientific and medicine related questions
  • Cost and time for procedure

List of questions:

Barry Epling is involved in the study of stem cell therapies and medicine and has researched a lot about the topic. It is better to take advice from a professional before you undergo the treatment. Following is a list of questions that you should ask before your treatment or therapy starts.

  • What are the alternate treatment options available to me, if any?
  • Is stem cell therapy the regular and normal procedure for my ailment?
  • What benefits I would be getting? How long will it take to see the expected results?
  • Will you use my own stem cells or from outside?
  • If stem cells would not be from my body, how will my immune system react to it?
  • Is there any scientific evidence that the stem cell therapy will prove beneficial to me?
  • Are there any previous clinical trials performed? If yes, what was the outcome?
  • Who will perform the procedure? What are the qualifications and experience?
  • Are there any risks involved? If yes, get detailed information about those. 
  • What will be the follow up procedures required for the successful treatment?
  • How many people have already been treated with the same condition?
  • Where will be the procedure performed?
  • What are the expenses for the overall procedure?
  • If something goes wrong, what immediate treatments would be required?
  • How much money would be required for those extra treatments?

After asking the above-mentioned questions, you will come in a better position to know about your ailment and the stem cell medication that you are going to have. This will help you take better and informed decisions with regards to your condition.

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